5 Great Team-Building Exercises for Adults

5 Great Team-Building Exercises for Adults

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The Sanctuary Beach Resort happily hosts numerous business travelers every year. While many come here to conduct meetings and seminars, others head here as a company retreat for reflection and growth. To those travelers, here are five can’t-fail team-building exercises for adults.

Back-to-Back Drawing

This game is easy to accomplish with a collection of line drawing (doodles of random shapes) and papers for your whole team. Split them up into pairs, and have each duo sit back-to-back. One person gets a blank sheet with a pen. The other gets one of the doodles, and then tries to describe it for their partner to draw. This is a simple exercise in communication, which helps employees learn how to actualize an abstract vision through use of collaboration and imagination.

Helium Stick

This game goes out to all of our Ouija fans. Gather your entire team around a pole or broomstick. If your group is too large, then get extra sticks and break into groups. Everyone puts one finger on the stick, holding it up in the air. The group then tries to lower it to the ground, while keeping every finger on board. It sounds simple, but humans’ natural inclination is to push up when holding something, so sticks tend to rise at first when teams figure it out. The goal is to teach individuals to relax and focus when faced with an unexpectedly difficult challenge.

Common Book

This is a fun game that you can begin at your company retreat to The Sanctuary Beach Resort. Get a notebook and have everyone write down a goal for the year. When you get back to the office, keep the book out, and encourage everybody to add regularly with updates on how they’re pursuing their goals and what they’re learning in the process. When the notebook fills, or the year ends, it can stay accessible for the people to reflect on how they’ve grown and what they’ve accomplished.

Survival Scenario

It’s important for any company to know how to delegate and compromise in times of stress. Head out to the beach at our resort, and make believe it’s an undiscovered island that your team will soon crash on. Give them a limited amount of time to choose a limited number of survival items to take with them. This will inspire leaders to speak their minds, and the group to learn how to think collectively.

Create Your Own Logo

This team-building exercise is perfect for artistic minds. Bring arts and crafts materials like markers, construction paper, pennies, cotton balls, etc. Task each member of your team to create their own personal logo, which represents what they bring to the company. This fun, creative activity pushes individuals to understand their specific attributes and better own them for the group.