5 Reasons To Pursue Unlimited Vacation Time

5 Reasons To Pursue Unlimited Vacation Time

In recent years, contemporary companies like Google and other nearby Silicon Valley giants, have explored more liberal and open-minded policies, such as unlimited vacation. The idea sounds too good to be true for workers, and like chaos for employers, however data shows it can be better for both.

Here are five reasons why unlimited vacation time (ideally spent here at The Sanctuary Beach Resort) can improve your job or company.

Better Productivity

It’s been shown that when given unlimited vacation time, most employers will take off the same amount of time (if not, less) than they would otherwise. On top of that, the freedom to go over a little bit, pushes people to work harder and compensate for themselves better. Therefore, an extra-long trip, might be the boost you or your employees need to finish that long-term project that’s been sitting for so long.

A More Fulfilling Travel Schedule

No matter how much you love or care about your job, going to the same office to do the same work everyday can get old. Keeping a fulfilling travel schedule is important for keeping your spirit and mind fresh when it’s time to get down to business. Giving yourself or your workers exciting trips—like a retreat to The Sanctuary Beach Resort—to look forward to (regardless of length) will keep the office atmosphere more fresh.

Spend More Time With Family

If you’re in charge of your company’s vacation policy, open it up so you can personally spend more time with your family or significant other. If you’re not in that position, it’s worth looking for a job with unlimited vacation time, or general freelance work, so when it’s time for you to take your loved ones on an exciting Monterey vacation, you can. That type of freedom creates employer loyalty, and a happier, more productive working year.

You Stay Open To Longer Trips

If you have only the standard two weeks of paid-time-off per year, then you’ll never have an opportunity to take a longer trip. One of the essential great road trips in our consists of riding the California coast, right through our gorgeous coastal city of Monterey. In 2017, employers and colleagues need not limit themselves from longer trips, as satellite work and check-ins are so easy with technology.

You Get To Determine How To Work

One of the worst things is being finished with all of your work and then having to sit around, doing nothing at the office. With unlimited vacation, you or your employees can work with the motivation of being able to work ahead to make time for a trip, or a long weekend. This type of freedom is not only pragmatic and reasonable in 2017, it’s also encouraging.