5 Visually Stunning Attractions On The Central Coast

5 Visually Stunning Attractions On The Central Coast

One of the best parts of vacation is sitting back and enjoying a beautiful view. Luckily, if you come to Monterey, there’s no shortage of gorgeous natural-and-manmade attractions. Here are five visually-stunning spots to check out:

Big Sur

Just an hour south of The Monterey Beach Resort, Big Sur is one of the most majestic and captivating natural attractions in the world. Head down on your way or in or out of town for gorgeous cliff-side hikes, camping, and gorgeous views of the coast and ocean. This national park and coastal treasure is a cant-miss for your next Monterey vacation.

Monterey Bay

This sprawling bay is one of the prized destinations of the Central Coast. Its visual beauty is striking for many reasons, and from many vantage points. Take in the bay from the water, or a coastal restaurant in the city of Monterey’s famous Cannery Row neighborhood. Its calm surface is a tranquil and delightful comparison to the Pacific Ocean.

The Vineyards

As one of the premier wine destinations in the world, Monterey County and the Central Coast of California are well-stocked with breathtaking vineyards and wineries. These massive estates have rolling hills lined with grapevines, vintage homes, and some of the best Pinot Noir you have ever tasted. Check out our guide to Monterey’s Most Gorgeous Vineyards to find out which specific spots you’ll enjoy most.

The Monterey Bay Sea-Life

The sea-life in Monterey Bay is eclectic and adorable. Head over to the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium to get up-close and personal views of some of the region’s most popular and colorful fishes, whales, sea otters, and more. Additionally, if sea-life is your ideal Central Coast visual attraction, there are daily whale-watching trips and fishing trips available out of Monterey Bay.

The Sanctuary Beach Resort

The last piece of our list is an easy pick—The Sanctuary Beach Resort is a remarkable visual attraction in Monterey with its undisturbed stretch of Monterey Bay beach, as well as close proximity to the Marina Dunes. Come by and sit out in front of your cottage guestroom and take in the beach, bay, and one of those world-famous west-coast sunsets.