5 Ways To Disconnect From Work At Sanctuary

5 Ways To Disconnect From Work At Sanctuary

In the age of technology, it can be difficult to disconnect from work. Emails popping up on your phone, “work-from-home” vacations, and the lingering stress from long hours and never really turning it off—this can all sour your getaway. Thinking ahead for you, we put together five ways to disconnect while staying at The Sanctuary Beach Resort.

Take A Company Retreat

One bold way to make sure your colleagues don’t bother you while you’re on vacation, is to take them with you. Corporate retreats are valuable, in that they give an entire working team a luxurious and mutual break. Sharing the comfort of our onsite Serenity Monterey Spa and nearby wine country will rejuvenate the office, while letting you curate and protect your vacation.

Refocus With An Adventure

One of the best ways to shelter yourself from your job is to put away all technology, and head out into the world for an adventure. The Sanctuary Beach Resort is conveniently located just an hour drive from Big Sur, one of the most breathtaking attractions on the Central Coast. Head down for long hikes, and picnics on cliffside lookouts on the Pacific Ocean.

Turn Your Attention To Loved Ones

One of the downsides of working a busy schedule, is that it can become easy to neglect or miss out on time with your significant other. Use that to your advantage when visiting The Sanctuary Beach Resort, and put all of your focus on your loved one. Grab a couples massage at Serenity Monterey Spa, head down to Monterey for a bayside dinner, and make the most of your romantic vacation.


The incredible popularity of happy hour in the United States is a testament to the fact that people love to drink to disconnect from work. Luckily there are plenty of places to do that near The Sanctuary Beach Resort. Downtown Monterey and the surrounding areas have plenty of great happy hours for you to choose from. Additionally, world-class wineries are a staple of Monterey culture, so boundless tastings and tours await.

Indulge In Yourself

Whether you’re a CEO or entry-level, work is about taking focus off of yourself and putting it into something else. Vacation is a time to indulge in yourself, and doing so is necessary for becoming completely and totally refreshed. Lay in bed all day in one of our bayside beach cottages, if you want. Head to the spa, take a swim, sit in the sun, or head out for an adventure, if you want. No matter what you do, just make sure it’s for yourself.