The Best Cafes For Work Remotely From In Monterey

The Best Cafes For Work Remotely From In Monterey

Business travelers have a number of services and spaces to utilize while working remotely from The Sanctuary Beach Resort. For those of you who want to travel off campus, however, and find some of the area’s best food and coffee while setting up a temporary office—these cafes are some of the most popular and best to work from in Monterey.

Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe

Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe is one of the nicest places for remote work in Monterey, especially if you’re looking for a big hearty meal to go with your workload. You can spread out in a nice diner-like setting, and indulge in house favorites like the breakfast panini, and a strong cold brew coffee.

Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe. 250 E Reservation Rd. Marina, CA

Daddy’s City Diner

Again, Daddy’s City Diner is an excellent place to spread out with a morning workload and a big, hearty breakfast. Get a classic omelette or French toast breakfast, and then dive into your day’s work with some free Wi-Fi, and local paintings on the wall to help inspire some creativity.

Daddy’s City Diner. 265 Reservation Rd. Marina, CA

Aloha Coffee & Cafe

Located right in the heart of Monterey, Aloha Coffee and Cafe is a prime spot for local freelancers to get work done and indulge in a number of healthy options. Enjoy a classic iced latte, or drink healthier with one of the many fresh juices on hand here. There are also a number of great sandwiches and healthy dishes like acai bowls.

Aloha Coffee & Cafe. 1098 Del Monte Ave. Monterey, CA

Cafe Lumiere

The sleek, modern decor of Cafe Lumiere is one that will get you motivated on even the laziest of work-from-home days. With an upstairs section that’s popular for freelancers to set up at, and a number of high-end coffees, and delicious eats like avocado toast, there are few ways to go wrong with setting up here.

Cafe Lumiere. 365 Calle Principal. Monterey, CA

Bright Coffee

The epitome of a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing cafe—Bright Coffee takes coffee and curating an uplifting atmosphere seriously. The smell of fresh-ground beans, great wifi, and a short walk to the beach all add up to make Bright Coffee one of the best cafes to work out of in Monterey.

Bright Coffee. 281 Lighthouse Ave. Monterey, CA