The Best Places To Meet People In Monterey

The Best Places To Meet People In Monterey

Those of you heading to Monterey with an open mind and open heart can find plenty of great places to meet people. From tapping into the local culture and its wine, to hanging out on the beach and at its best hotels, the options are plentiful.

The Wineries

Those who know Monterey know that it’s one of the most coveted wine regions in the world. Coming out here, you can meet a wide variety of travelers and vintners at local wine tours and tastings. For an idea of where to start out, be sure to check out our list of the best wineries in Monterey.

Cannery Row

Located right on Monterey Bay, Cannery Row is one of the city’s most popular and attractive neighborhoods. Stocked with great bars and restaurants housed in old, restored sardine factories, it’s as hip as it is historical. For a list of what to do and where to meet people, check out our brief guide to having fun in Cannery Row.

A Live Event

From old theatres to outdoor parks, the performing arts venues in Monterey are on par with the best in the country. If you’re looking to meet people on your next trip to Monterey, be sure to stop by one of these favorite spots for a concert, play, or stand-up comedy act. Here’s a list of our favorite performing arts venues in Monterey.

The Beach

As much as it is a wine and culture destination, Monterey is also a beach stronghold. Take a towel out to Monterey Bay during your stay and get in touch with the more relaxed, sun-soaked travelers. If you’re staying with The Sanctuary Beach Resort, you can enjoy a nice, quiet stretch of Monterey Bay coastline with fellow guests.

The Sanctuary Beach Resort

Of all the places to meet people in Monterey, The Sanctuary Beach Resort is among the best. With its own beach, located right on Monterey Bay, it also offers comfortable social settings at its onsite restaurant, spa, and quiet beachside cottages. This is an excellent spot to meet and make friends with fellow travelers.