Monterey for the Luxury Traveler

Monterey for the Luxury Traveler

Monterey is great for all travelers, and that includes those with elevated desires and more distinguished tastes. From its world-class vineyards, to the restaurants, and amazing places to stay—these are the main reasons why Monterey is great for a luxury traveler:

The Wine

Wine is a favorite amongst luxury and culturally enriched travelers. If there’s anywhere to expose yourself to a wide variety of world-class flavors, it’s at the local vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms. Enjoy world-class glasses with your dinner, or whenever you want on your next visit. Learn more about the best Monterey-area wines here.

The Bay

Luxury and exclusivity go hand-in-hand, so it makes sense that upscale travelers are drawn to Monterey Bay as a destination. Away from the crowds of San Francisco, this dune-lined bay is one of the most important ecosystems on the West Coast. At The Sanctuary Beach Resort, enjoy a front-row access to the ocean from an undisturbed stretch of Monterey Bay coastline.

Luxury Accommodations

Because Monterey is such a sought-after and illustrious destination, it’s home to a large number of stunning homes and accommodations for travelers. Among them, The Sanctuary Beach Resort stands out with its coastal bungalows, critically-acclaimed onsite restaurant, and other luxurious amenities.

Amazing Food

Distinguished travelers want to enjoy the best that a region has to offer, and Monterey is certainly home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. For some more insight on where to enjoy fresh local ingredients from the nearby sea, check out our post on The Best Seafood Restaurants in Monterey.

Rich Culture

Monterey is the center of a rich and historical local culture. Go out to eat in the popular Cannery Row neighborhood and dine in restaurants that were converted from old sardine canning factories. Head out to the country to visit world-class vineyards. Take in festivals at historic local venues like the Monterey County Fairgrounds.