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Restauant Review, The Haute Enchilada

Yesterday for our monthly meeting, we decided to head into Moss Landing for lunch (just 10 minutes north of the Sanctuary Beach Resort). After much discussion on where to eat, we finally came to a consensus. The choice, “The Haute Enchilada” and an excellent choice it was! This place is more than a restaurant; it is a relaxing oasis. The weather was pleasant, so we grabbed a table outdoors. The ambiance was peaceful.  Fountains flowing… flowers, plants and succulents galore! The staff was attentive and accommodating. And the food… absolutely delicious. 

The dishes are inspired and creative, with bursts of flavor in every bite. For a remarkable meal make sure to visit the Haute Enchilada!




Arroz Cataluna-  Paella style rice seasoned with saffron and lobster base, shrimp, mussels, clams, Spanish chorizo, organic free range chicken, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, English petite peas and asparagus, garlic bread.