Our Favorite Local Social Media Accounts

Our Favorite Local Social Media Accounts

Get to know Monterey through the eyes of its most loyal fans, and beloved institutions. Our favorite social media accounts from Monterey come from individuals and businesses who work day in and day out to share its unique beauty with the outside world.


See Monterey is one of the best tourism services in Monterey, and a great place to go for recommendations, ideas, and gorgeous snapshots of the city and county. Check out all of its accounts to find places to eat, hike, take pictures, and do so much more.


The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a beloved local attraction, and one of the best aquariums in the world. Head there to see a variety of sea animals from the local waters, and check out its social media pages for a flow of magical snapshots of its wonders.


This Instagram account belongs to Raul Nava, a food writer who contributes to Monterey County Weekly. His articles are great, and his posts feature delectable dishes from a wide variety of the area’s best restaurants.


The Monterey Museum of Art is a fascinating destination for visual arts enthusiasts, and California art from today and throughout history. Check out their feed to learn what’s on display while you’re in town, and to get a taste for the local art scene’s communal aesthetic.


With a mission to inspire independent thinking, Monterey County Weekly always seems to have its eye, and its Instagram on the area’s most interesting events. Check it out to find an adventure, a sporting event, a food event, or a picturesque location in Monterey.

From Social to Real Life

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