Sanctuary Beach Resort Immersing Video

We are proud to introduce the new immersing video section on the Sanctuary Beach Resort website. In this unique part of the website, visitors can watch engaging, high definition video shot at the resort and displayed in a full width interactive header on the page. These series of videos give people a chance to experience what the beach, fire pits, ocean, and views at the resort are like from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Immersing video is unique in that it creates the effect of feeling the soft white sand between your toes or the spray of the ocean on your face. One of the benefits of our video tour is that the user can select the video they want to view, pause the video, and experience the tour at their own pace.

The process of creating immersing video is not for the faint of heart. It begins with filming on high definition HD camcorders, editing and compressing the videos into multiple file formats for optimum compatibility between devices, and finally, selecting a high speed delivery network that can serve up the high definition video in a timely manner. The end result is an engaging digital experience like no other.