Why You Should Spend Spring Break In Monterey

Why You Should Spend Spring Break In Monterey

Spring break is fast approaching, and those of you who are still looking for an ideal place to vacation should consider Monterey. With our world-renowned wine country, to-die-for local restaurant scene, and amazing beaches, we have more than a few reasons why you should spend spring break in Monterey.

Drink Wine

Spring Break is a typically a party-centric vacation, and if you come to Monterey, you can enjoy a classier buzz at some of our world-renowned wineries. Check out our breakdown of some of the best places to drink wine in Monterey for more ideas.

Eat Seafood

For those looking to travel somewhere interesting for spring break, Monterey offers some of the most renowned cultural, natural, and culinary destinations in the world. To get a taste for the local seafood—one of the area’s gastronomic specialties—check out our list of the best seafood restaurants in Monterey.

Catch Some Shows

Monterey is always popping with great shows, and exciting festivals. Those of you looking to spend spring break in Monterey might want to look into some of the shows that’ll be taking place this March and April including famed local traditions like the Next Generation Jazz Festival and Jazz Bash By The Bay. Discover more ideas at The Sanctuary Beach Resort Events Calendar.

Go On An Adventure

From excursions out into the ocean, to long wine tours, and trips to see nearby natural attractions like Big Sur—there are plenty of fun adventures to find in and around Monterey. For some examples, you can check out our post on some of the most adventurous things to try in Monterey.

Stay On The Beach

There’s a reason why spring break is often associated with the beach—because it’s the ideal place to kick back, take the edge off and enjoy your vacation. Luckily, if you stay with The Sanctuary Beach Resort, you can enjoy staying on an undisturbed stretch of Monterey Bay property.