Bed & Breakfast

At our luxurious beach resort, travelers can enjoy the privacy of our beachfront cottages with the welcoming, laid-back vibe of a bed & breakfast in Monterey Bay by ordering our nutritious and bespoke breakfast.

We hand-deliver the most important meal of the day to guests’ doors in a thoughtfully-packed picnic basket. That gives you the freedom to enjoy our Breakfast Basket while cozying up by the in-room fireplace, admiring the ocean view from the private patio, or having a genuine picnic on a quiet stretch of beach.

Each Breakfast Basket is prepared daily with your personal selection of beverages and provisions, along with a copy of USA Today or Monterey Herald on weekends. Thumb through the paper while sipping hot coffee or tea—or a bloody mary—and enjoying a hearty meal, including options such as yogurt and granola, quiche lorraine, or flaky croissant breakfast sandwich.

Easily make your personal breakfast selection by filling out a doorknob menu and hanging it on the outside of your door before tucking in for the evening, or by calling room service before midnight.

Breakfast Baskets are delivered at the hour of your choice between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.

Breakfast Basket Menu Bed & Breakfast Offer