Everybody has to work, and in 2017 it’s as easy as ever to keep your business running while on the road. With a strong business-travel clientele, we understand the importance of blending work and travel, which is why we broke down five ways to work and vacation at the same time.

Create A Project That Requires Travel

If your job doesn’t come with a need to travel, create one. This may not be as simple as it sounds, but it’s your job to be creative. Often times, sales projects like looking for new clients or partners can work as catalysts for trips. Look at where you want to go, what your company does, and how your trip can benefit them. Organize a plan, and present it to your employers. Sure, this would qualify as business travel, but anytime visit a new destination, there’s always time to squeeze in some vacationing. 

Curate Your Own Mobile Office

In a day where you can Skype for meetings, and email documents from anywhere around the world, a lot of employers don’t care where you work. If you’re able to get remote employment, make sure your mobile office is set to keep you professional and accountable. A laptop, charger, and well-organized work bag makes for a good start. Once you’re set here, you can vacation and take little breaks to do work and keep your bank account healthy. 

Organize A Company Retreat

If you can’t come up with business away from the office, then try and create something fun. Company and corporate retreats are growing more and more popular these days, especially with places like The Sanctuary Beach Resort and its premier meetings and events spaces right on the beach at Monterey Bay. Figure out how this relaxing, productive getaway is essential to your office, then pitch the idea to your bosses.

Seek Out Jobs In Travel

Maybe there’s no way to organize a retreat, or project at your current job. Maybe you don’t have a job. In either case, there are plenty of jobs in travel. From working for airlines to hotels to blogs, sales departments, and so much more, you can seek out something that gets you out into the world while also speaking to your interests. When you work around the world, it’s easy to stop off at countless destinations for easy vacations. 

Treasure Your “Vacation Days”

With so many ways to work and travel, the most classic is to save up some vacation days and earn a nice, quiet getaway for yourself. Instead of using one here or there, save them up and splurge on a nice week in the sun, somewhere like the Central Coast of California, on Monterey Bay.