5 Monterey Souvenirs To Take Home

5 Monterey Souvenirs To Take Home

A Bottle of Wine

Monterey is in the heart of one of the great wine regions in the world. While you’re here, you should do your best to sample local varietals at restaurants, local tasting rooms, and at the region’s best vineyards. This is also one of the nicest souvenirs you can take home from your trip, so be sure to snag a bottle of your favorite along the way.

Salt-Water Taffy

All beach towns have great salt-water taffy, and Monterey is no different. For an easy, family-friendly Monterey souvenir, stop by one of the gift or candy shops at Fisherman’s Wharf near Cannery Row and grab some salt-water taffy. Our favorites are Candy World, and The Wharf General Store.


With its proximity to the water, Monterey has established itself as a popular place to find nice pearls over the years. Especially if you’re thinking of a souvenir for a loved one, pearls are one of the best items you can take home from this unique city. You can find great options at Morning Star Pearl and the Monterey Bay Jewelry Company—both on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Local Art

Monterey is a fabulous local art scene, and if you want to take something special and unique home, a gallery might be the best place to look. We are quite fond of Venture Gallery and Green Chalk Contemporary for the best local works.

A Refreshed Spirit

The last and most important thing you want to take home from your trip is a refreshed, and rejuvenated spirit. Be sure to take time while you’re here to enjoy the quiet shores of Monterey Bay at The Sanctuary Beach Resort. Treat yourself to a massage at our onsite spa, and kick back in between shopping sprees.

Learn about The Sanctuary Beach Resort here, and check out more recommendations for things to do in Monterey on our blog!