5 Reasons Why Family Vacations Are Healthy

5 Reasons Why Family Vacations Are Healthy

The Sanctuary Beach Resort is a popular destination for families seeking luxurious and adventurous vacations. An attraction of its own with an onsite spa, restaurant, and an uninterrupted beachfront property, it’s a great launching point to explore the wondrous Monterey area. For those who need a harder sell, these are five reasons why a family vacation is healthy and will do you good.

Getting Away From The Stress Of Work & School

A large portion of life’s stresses come from day-to-day life. Vacations are important because they give you a break from your routine, which also acts as a breather from those stresses. For kids, this comes in the form of school with pestering teachers and crazy friends. For parents, it’s a chance to spend time with the family without yawning off an eight-hour day.

It’ll Give The Kids Some Culture

Monterey is one of the best places you can take a family vacation, because of its blend of natural beauty and unique culture. Get some history down on Cannery Row and take the kids to the old sardine factories, then take a day-trip to Big Sur so they can see one of the country’s greatest natural attractions, and finally enjoy some time on the beach just having some old-fashioned relaxation time.

You’ll Catch Up On Some Sleep

Work lives and families make getting your full eight hours every night a bit difficult. Stay in one of The Sanctuary Beach Resort’s beachfront cottages and catch up on some z’s with the calm of the bay, and our quiet stretch of shore keeping away alarm clocks and appointments.  

Improved Productivity For Everyone

Studies have shown that a person who takes vacations is more productive when they’re at work than someone who works more hours without break. Giving yourself and your family this time off will help you become better at your job, and help your kids become better students. This is an added bonus from the shear, stress-relieving experience of taking some time off.

It’s A Chance To Create Memories

A close family is a healthy one, and the memories you create on your next family vacation will only strengthen that bond. Come to Monterey and make some memories of going on a boat trip around the bay, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, eating delicious seafood, and enjoying some sunset bonfires on the beach here at The Sanctuary Beach Resort.