All About Cannery Row

All About Cannery Row

A colorful neighborhood right on the water, Cannery Row is the center of Monterey in both its history and its appeal. Popular amongst visitors, it’s a great neighborhood to visit when you’re looking to get a taste for the area, while also finding excellent places to shop and eat. For those who are less familiar, here’s a short guide to Cannery Row.

The History

Cannery Row is both a neighborhood and a street that runs along the coast of Monterey Bay. From here you can get to the water and iconic city locations like Fisherman’s WHarf. Many of the buildings and restaurants in Cannery Row are housed in now-defunct sardine canning factories, which helped give the area its name. For a poetic look at the area, check out legendary author John Steinbeck’s book Cannery Row.


As one of the centers for activity and tourism in Monterey, Cannery Row is home to a number of great events throughout the year. This August there was an amazing exotic car show on Cannery Row, and in November there will be the 24th annual Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony there. Most events are free, and it’s worth checking out if there’s anything going on there during your next trip.


There are a number of delicious restaurants on Cannery Row, and you’ll definitely want to check them out while you’re in town. We suggest hitting a seafood spot, considering it’s so close to the sea, and so great in this area. You’ll do well at Chart House, Schooners Coastal Kitchen and Bar, or Lalla Oceanside Grill.


If you’re looking to have a bit of a party during your time in Monterey, or just a relaxing night cap, then Cannery Row can also service your needs. For some great examples of happy hours and craft cocktails available in the area, check out our guide on Where To Go For A Drink on Cannery Row.