Five Suitcase Essentials for the Modern Business Traveler

Five Suitcase Essentials for the Modern Business Traveler

High angle shot of a suitcase packed with various essentials for a traveling businessman

Today’s business traveler doesn’t just need a briefcase and canvas dress bag. Here are five suitcase essentials for the modern business traveler.

Laptop or Tablet

There’s no argument against the value of working from a laptop or tablet today. Make sure to get a proper case to travel safe, and always carry your personal computer on the road. We’re partial to MacBook Airs for lightweight convenience, and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for its word processing and work-friendly capabilities.

Portable Charger

Travel is known to be tough on your wallet, but it’s equally as wearing on your batteries. To keep the mobile office up and running, be sure to pack a portable charger for long flights, car trips, and even days sunbathing on Monterey Bay. For cell phones, one of the Mophie Power Stations is best. For laptops, get something with an outlet like the Blackweb computer and laptop chargers.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is the future, and it offers many advantages to contemporary business travelers. Take your fitness more seriously with the rigor of travel, and monitor your exercise with tech like the FitBit. If you want to coordinate between all of your devices, with the power to FaceTime on your wrist, try out one of the sleek Apple Watches.


Remember at the top where we mentioned those ugly, annoying canvas dress bags? Well, you can travel in style without having to carry a hanging seat over your shoulder. Be minimalist and efficient with one carry-on, or minimal bags, by packing everything you want free of wrinkles in individual plastic bags. Friction creates wrinkles, and dividing articles with plastic prevents them from forming.

Bathing Suit

While this certainly isn’t always the case, we hope that every business trip can accommodate a bit of leisure and relaxation. Make sure to pack a bathing suit for your next trip to The Sanctuary Beach Resort with the hope of sneaking off to the bay at one point or another.