Five TV Shows for Contemporary Business Travelers

Five TV Shows for Contemporary Business Travelers

Couple watching television together and eating popcorn

Between Netflix and Hulu, MacBooks and 42’’ flat screens in their guestrooms, contemporary business travelers have plenty to keep them entertained. For those looking to grab some insights from their programs, these are five tv shows perfect for business travel today.

House of Lies
Watch on: Showtime Anytime, iTunes, Hulu

This Showtime comedy series kept audiences entertained for five seasons before ending this past June. Starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, “House of Lies” looks at a group of hotshot consultants who often travel for work, and live excessively lavish lives in the cities they visit. Contemporary business travelers can relate to the lifestyle, while finding humor in the over-the-top stories.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Watch on: Food Network, YouTube, Netflix

Calling all destination foodies, Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” is the show for you. Hotshot restaurateur and host Guy Fieri is always good for a few laughs, while exploring restaurants around the country. Read up on his visit to the locally loved Monterey’s Fish House for recs to inform your next visit.

Mad Men
Watch on: AMC, Netflix, Amazon Video

Sometimes to inform the present, you need to take a look at the past. The saga of “Mad Men,” featuring hotshot adman Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) and his 1960s tycoon colleagues, is widely considered one of the greatest programs in television history. Contemporary travelers can learn from the style, cool charm, and frightening office politics that comprise the show.

Shark Tank
Watch on: ABC, BBC Worldwide, Hulu

One of the most popular business-centric reality shows in history, “Shark Tank” sees Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and his team of celebrity business moguls choose to invest in or reject hopeful business entrepreneurs’ ideas. The show is at once uplifting, soul-crushing, and wildly entertaining.

Silicon Valley
Watch on HBOGo, HBONow, iTunes

If your business travels bring you to the Central Coast of California, there’s a decent chance you’ll rub shoulders with some of Silicon Valley’s many progressive businesses. Take a look at the general makeup of this tech-forward world while enjoying big laughs from the poignant performances and edge-of-your-seat writing that comprises this HBO comedy.