Four Steps For A Perfect Monterey Summer

Four Steps For A Perfect Monterey Summer

Summer is here, and if you’re planning on taking a trip to Monterey, you made a great choice. Its most popular attractions are all summer friendly, which means this is an excellent time of year to get acquainted with the area. Here are four to-dos for a perfect Monterey summer getaway.

Whale Watching

One of Monterey’s greatest attractions is its sea-life, and among the underwater creatures, the whale is arguably the most majestic sight. There are plenty of whale-watching excursions taking place daily out of Monterey and into the bay. Check out this post on your options, and our special Monterey Bay Whale Watching Hotel Package.


When it’s summer and the sun is strong throughout the day, there’s nothing better for you than a nice long hike, especially in Monterey where the views and lookouts are as grand as they come. From state beaches with coastal bluffs, to regional parks, this post has all you need to know about finding a good hike in Monterey.

Drinking Wine

Wine is one of Monterey’s most valued and fun attractions. Spend a day getting buzzed in the sun this summer by checking out some of the world-famous vineyards in Monterey County. Expert presentations, delightful tasting sessions, and gorgeous properties all make this as enjoyable a summer experience as you’ll find.

Relaxing At The Sanctuary Beach Resort

In addition to marking all of the quintessential ‘Monterey’ activities while planning the perfect summer getaway in Monterey, you should also choose an ideal place to stay. Somewhere that captures the beauty of this beachside haven without the cookie-cutter mold of a franchise, or the more populated downtown streets.

Here at the Sanctuary Beach Resort, you can take family to a quiet stretch of undisturbed Monterey Bay coastline. With cottage-style guest rooms, easy access to the water, and our onsite restaurant and spa, you could easily have a lazy summer vacation day and just hang out.