What Makes The Monterey Bay Aquarium So Special

What Makes The Monterey Bay Aquarium So Special

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the most popular and revered attractions in Monterey. Filled with amazing sea-life, and interesting facts, it’s an ideal place to take go when you’re on a family vacation in Monterey. Looking to its many exciting exhibits, we’re breaking down some of the elements that make the Monterey Bay Aquarium so special.

Baja, by Way of Monterey

This special exhibition at The Monterey Bay Aquarium looks at the scaly, colorful world of coastal habitats in Baja, California. A remarkable nearby epicenter of sand and surf, desert and coastline, the area offers a number of interesting specimens for the exhibit to focus on. Check it out and discover amazing animals like the Cortez rainbow wrasse fish, and the bluespotted jawfish.

Views of The Bay

The Monterey Bay Aquarium looks out over Monterey Bay, and has vantage points to look out on the water and enjoy the area’s rich sea life face-to-face. You can head outside with the family and take turns spotting sea otters and humpback whales in the water nearby. Afterwards, you can go learn all about what you saw at the Marine Mammal Gallery.

Giant Pacific Octopus

Check out some of the most interesting ocean animals out there at the Giant Pacific Octopus exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. These magnificent and captivating creatures live a mysterious life with complex minds and personalities, all of which can be explored and consumed at this exhibit. In addition to the Giant Pacific octopus, this exhibit features the fragile pink sea urchin, and Johnson’s sea cucumber.

Monterey Bay Habitats

The Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit lets you look at what the local sea life is comprised of, and what kind of ecosystem they live in. Here, you and the kids can get up-close looks at local fish like white sturgeon, California halibut, and the spiny dogfish. There’s also a number of sharks that you can see at this exhibit, including the broadnose sevengill shark.

In The Spotlight Open Sea Tour

The kids will love the Open Sea wing, where they can discover some of the most exciting oceanic experiences out there—like touching a live jellyfish. Passionate guides take families through the exhibit to show them their favorite attractions, and tell stories about the different species represented.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium. 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA. (831) 648-4800