Monterey for Bird Lovers: A Birder’s Guide to What to See

Monterey for Bird Lovers: A Birder’s Guide to What to See

The Central Coast is home to some amazing natural attractions and wildlife areas. In these remote and preserved spaces, some of the most magnificent birds in the world fly. Birders planning a trip to Monterey should be sure to hit some of these amazing spots.

Pinnacles National Park

Just about an hour inland from The Sanctuary Beach Resort, Pinnacles National Park is one of the area’s most lush attractions. Birds are seen more in this park than any other animal, and there have been over 160 species of them documented here. This is a recipe for an exciting birding day in Monterey.

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve

This is the best known and most coveted among birding destinations in Monterey. Home to nearly 350 bird species, this reserve has wildlife ranging from pelicans to sea lions. According to See Monterey, it’s one of the top ten birding destinations in the country.

Carmel State River Beach

A large piece of protected land along the coast in Carmel, this state beach is a great place for every kind of Central Coast traveler. Birders can have a particularly exciting visit here, as it’s home to a number of different fun flying creatures including hawks and mallard ducks.

Marina Dunes Open Space Preserve

Sitting on the same plot of undisturbed Monterey Bay beach as The Sanctuary Beach Resort, this open space preserve is one of the most beautiful places to take a walk in town. It’s also home to the plump and elegant snowy plover, a near threatened species beloved by birders everywhere.

Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is home to a number of hand-curated birding trails that can lead visitors to a number of great lookout points. The most popular bird on the reserve is the Western Gull, and there are also a number of American Crows, Western Scrub-Jays, and Turkey Vultures among many other species.

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