Our Favorite Vista Spots to Take in the View Near Monterey

Our Favorite Vista Spots to Take in the View Near Monterey

Monterey and the Central Coast of California offer some of the most epic and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean one can find. Beginning right here in Marina—the Monterey County town where The Sanctuary Beach Resort is located—the coastal bluffs offer awe-inspiring views. Moving around Monterey County to famous lookouts, trails, and peaks, the memorable views continue.

From hiking, to driving around, to doing a little research, there are several ways for travelers to discover these spots. To aid that search a bit, here’s our guide to our favorite vista spots to take in the view near Monterey.

Beach Lookout At Reservation Road

The Sanctuary Beach Resort is located on an uninterrupted stretch of Monterey Bay shoreline near Marina State Beach and the Marina Sand Dunes. Our property is one of the best places to enjoy views of the water, and the surrounding area offers even more vistas in the form of coastal bluffs, cliffs, and hiking trails.

One of our favorite places to send new visitors is to Reservation Road, which is an exit off The Pacific Coast Highway with a brilliant view of the Monterey Coastline. This popular selfie-spot is a short drive from The Sanctuary Beach Resort, and a must-visit for first-time travelers to Monterey.

Marina State Beach. Marina, CA

Lovers Point Park

Lovers Point Park is one of the most popular lookouts on Monterey Bay, and one of the most frequented selfie and dog-picture spots in the area. You can come here to take in one of those unforgettable Monterey Bay sunsets, or just to enjoy the salt air. It’s also a well-known and enjoyed diving and fishing destination.

Lovers Point itself is a park that looks out to the water with an elevated cliff of boulders that’s great to walk and sit on. Down below, there’s a solid stretch of sand where you can stretch out on a sunny day. You can also enjoy a beach grill, as well as kayak and paddleboard rentals at Lovers Point Park.

Lovers Point Park. 17th Street and Ocean View Blvd

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail connects to Lovers Point, and is filled with many more vista lookouts of Monterey Bay. The 29-mile long trail coasts through several Monterey County towns including Marina, Seaside, and Pacific Grove. Hop on at any stretch of it for a stroll or bike ride that will bring you upon coastal bluff lookouts, and areas where you can spot wildflowers.

Along this trail, you’ll come across famous Monterey attractions like Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Fisherman’s Shoreline Park. One of these attractions is Fisherman’s Wharf, which is another great place to look out over the water, as well get some shopping and dining in.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. Monterey, CA

Jacks Peak Park

Jacks Peak Park is a county park right in Monterey, California. Throughout the spacious outdoor space, hikers and visitors can enjoy a number of views of the bay and surrounding towns. Jacks Peak is the main attraction, and at 1,068 feet, it is the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula.

You can hike up to the top of Jacks Peak and grab a photo with the bay in the background, and take part in a number of other fun things to do in Jacks Peak Park. Nearly ten miles of horseback riding and hiking trails leaves much to be discovered for the discerning adventurer. There’s also the Skyline Self-Guided Nature Trail, which, points out fossils and other interesting sights on the way up to Jack’s Peak.

Jacks Peak Park. 25020 Jacks Peak Park Rd.

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