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A New Wave of Experiences at Sanctuary Beach Resort

Unveiling Monterey Bay’s Newly Transformed Oceanfront Hideaway

Disconnect to Reconnect at The Sanctuary Beach Resort

The Sanctuary Beach Resort is pleased to announce the culmination of its transformative journey, which commenced in 2017. This journey began with the unveiling of an inviting lobby, a serene communal lawn, a peaceful spa, and an enhanced dining experience. Now, we introduce the final chapter—a comprehensive renewal encompassing our guest rooms, holistic wellness programs, and immersive culinary offerings.

We are committed to crafting a haven that transcends the ordinary—where you can step away from the digital and transactional, and forge deeper connections with yourself, your loved ones, and the natural world.

Reimagined Rooms & Suites

At The Sanctuary Beach Resort, our accommodations offer a fresh perspective on coastal relaxation, drawing inspiration from the refined understatement of contemporary seaside cabins. Our transformation, led by the creative vision of Farouki Farouki, an innovative architecture and interior design firm, is restoring our rooms to reflect the grandeur of the seaside.

Each space is designed with a purpose—to foster tranquility and calm. The majestic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Marina Dunes Preserve have inspired the textures and patterns that adorn these spaces. Guests will find themselves surrounded by art that not only enhances the room but also connects them to the local culture—featuring works from local artists and sustainable art created from coastal flora.

Renewal Studio & Spa

Embark on a holistic wellness journey with the debut of the Renewal Studio & Spa at The Sanctuary. Nestled on the second floor of the Lodge, this tranquil space offers a blend of seaside-inspired spa therapies and a brand-new studio powered by Monterey Bay Moves. Delve into a plethora of experiences, with 12 weekly sessions encompassing energizing heated flows, calming yoga nidra, enriching sensual yoga, mindfulness meditation, reflective journaling, healing sound baths, revitalizing reiki, and more.

Stay tuned for an array of captivating workshops and exclusive events featuring leading wellness experts, healers, authors, and luminaries to elevate your journey towards well-being. Additionally, indulge in the convenience of receiving cutting-edge wellness amenities directly in your room, such as the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat, designed to alleviate muscle tension and enhance restful sleep.

Full Moon & Fire Ceremonies

Immerse yourself in community and introspection with The Sanctuary's latest offering—the monthly Full Moon & Fire Ceremonies. Designed to harness the moon's cycles for personal growth and reflection, these gatherings take place on the picturesque beach bluff. Each session features insightful discussions centered around a specific theme, transformative rituals, and engaging exercises aimed at guiding participants through introspective and transformative experiences in a nurturing environment.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Summer SOULstice Celebration on June 21st and the enchanting Strawberry Moon & Fire Ceremony on June 22nd, led by the esteemed Peruvian Mesa Carrier, Krista Rooney.


Culinary Journeys by the Sea

Salt Wood Kitchen & Oysterette is excited to introduce its refined outdoor dining area, enclosed by elegant glass walls and warmed by inviting heaters that allow you to dine enveloped in nature’s embrace. These graceful enhancements render our award-winning restaurant an exquisite choice for private occasions and cozy gatherings.


This summer, Executive Chef Nestor Marin and his culinary team will unveil a series of collaborative dinners, offering unique opportunities to enrich your palate with the abundant flavors of Central and Northern California.

Ultimutt Vacation

Embark on the ultimate pet-friendly retreat at The Sanctuary, the premier seaside destination in the Monterey Bay region catering to furry companions. Embrace a paradise for pets with leisurely beachside strolls and welcoming communal spaces designed with dogs in mind. Since its establishment, The Sanctuary has wholeheartedly embraced pets, offering treats, water stations, and a warm reception for a nominal fee. 

Introducing the exclusive Ultimutt Vacation, a VIP experience tailored for dogs and their devoted owners, elevating the standard of pet-friendly hospitality. This lavish upgrade includes access to our essential amenities plus a luxurious microfiber dog robe & a plush pet bed to use during the stay, premium purified water, and a $10 credit towards the delectable PAWtio Menu at Salt Wood Kitchen & Oysterette. Moreover, all canine guests gain entry to the innovative "Dog Bone Library'' located at the beachfront, where each four-legged friend can select their preferred bone to savor while basking in the sunshine and coastal vistas.


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