Serenity Spa at The Sanctuary Beach Resort treatments provide ultimate relaxation in an elegant coastal setting. Serenity Spa’s comprehensive treatment menu allows for short massages or whole-day rejuvenation.

Here are The Sanctuary Beach Resort’s signature Monterey spa packages.

Single Sessions

  • 30 Minutes – $80.00
  • 60 Minutes – $110.00
  • Prenatal (60 Minutes) – $110.0
  • 90 Minutes – $165.00
  • 120 Minutes – $210.00
  • Deep Tissue +$15.00
  • Aromatherapy Oils +$15.00

Seasonal Special Monterey Bay Spa Treatments

  • 45 minutes – $95.00

Each seasonal special features a scent befitting the time of year:

  • Winter Wrap California Pine
  • Spring Wrap Orange Blossoms
  • Summer Facial
  • Pumpkin Fall Facial

Nirvana Massage

  • Hot, hydrating towels wrap your face during this neck, face and shoulder massage, which uses essential oils and an aroma spritz.
  • 30 Minutes – $80.00

Nirvana Massage & Full Body Massage

  • A spa treatment combining a full body aromatherapy massage with the benefits of the Nirvana Massage.
  • 90 Minutes – $165.00

Nirvana Massage and Aroma Wrap

  • Relaxing and restorative, this face and body treatment exfoliates the skin with a gentle, dry brushing, followed by a warm cocoon wrap. The session ends with a Nirvana Massage.
  • 90 Minutes – $170.00

Aroma Wrap and Full Body Massage

  • A gentle, dry brushing exfoliates the skin and prepares it for a soothing full body aromatherapy massage. After the massage, you are wrapped in a warm cocoon while your face, neck and feet are massaged.
  • 90 Minutes – $170.00

Facial Services

  • Hydrating Facial – $110.00
  • Balancing Facial – $110.00
  • Marine Collagen Facial – $145.00
  • Gentlemen’s Facial – $110.00
  • Only Available with Facial
  • Collagen Eye Treatment – $55.00
  • Extractions – $40.00

Our Monterey spa resort features a number of soothing and exfoliating body wraps and scrubs. Combine these various aromatherapy and moisturizing treatments with one of Serenity Spa’s signature massages for an unforgettable experience.

Wraps & Scrubs

Aroma Wrap, Full Body Massage and Nirvana Massage

  • The ultimate Monterey spa resort experience, this treatment combines Serenity Spa’s two most indulgent massage options with an aromatherapy wrap.
  • 120 Minutes – $215.0

Sea Salt Glow and Full Body Massage

  • This exfoliating sea salt body scrub with aromatherapy activates the skin’s natural purifiers, helping to firm and moisturize skin. (Offered in-room only)
  • 90 Minutes – $180.00

Monterey Bay Sugar Scrubs and Full Body Massage

  • Perfect for normal to sensitive skin types. A moisturizing exfoliant combined with a full body massage will leave your skin glowing and healthy. (Offered in-room only)
  • 90 Minutes – $180.00

Make your day at Serenity Spa even more indulgent with one or more Monterey spa add ons. These short treatments are the perfect addition to your stay at The Sanctuary Beach Resort.

Add-On Services

Hot Foaming Mud

  • A natural hot foaming mud stimulates circulation and promotes detoxification, all while providing a warm massage to the central nervous system.
  • 15 Minutes – $40.00

Feather Light Leg Treatment

  • This relaxing and beneficial treatment for your legs and feet includes a dry brush exfoliation, an invigorating gel rub, and cream massage. Request the Feather Light treatment to promote circulation and make your legs feel fresh.
  • 15 Minutes – $40.00

Scalp Treatment

  • Warm Oils are massaged into the scalp, invigorating the follicles and promoting hair growth.
  • 15 Minutes – $40.00