5 Monterey Museums To Take The Family To

5 Monterey Museums To Take The Family To

In addition to its serene beaches and bayside dining experiences, Monterey is home to a blend of rich culture that’s great for kids and parents. To get an idea of some fun day trips to take from The Sanctuary Beach Resort, check out some of our favorite Monterey museums:

The Museum of Monterey

The Museum of Monterey is one of the most telling and thoughtful celebrations of Monterey’s history one can find. Come by and check out some astounding works of early California art by famous local artists like Jo Mora, Plein Air, and Armin Hansen among many others.

Museum of Monterey. Corporal Ewing Rd, Monterey, CA

Dali17 Museum

This Monterey historical showcase features a fascinating collection of local maritime artifacts——a unique look into the local beach town culture. Additionally, speaking to its namesake, Dali17 is also a permanent exhibition of some of Salvador Dali’s most remarkable art, including original etchings, sculptures, lithographs and more.

Dali17. 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a public, nonprofit aquarium in Monterey, and it’s one of the most celebrated marine-life institutions in the world. Known for exciting exhibits featuring local wildlife, this place offers an unparalleled look at what’s going on underneath the surface of Monterey Bay. The interactive exhibits and shows are a hit with kids, and grownups alike.

Monterey Bay Aquarium. 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA

Colton Hall Museum

An active government building and museum, Colton Hall has been a landmark of Monterey since the late 1840’s. While the first floor still has running offices serving the local community, the second floor offers a fascinating museum with a re-creation of the meeting room where California’s first Constitution was written in october 1849. There are also various exhibits looking into the fascinating history of Monterey.

Colton Hall. 570 Pacific St, Monterey, CA

Monterey Museum of Art

The mission of this museum is to connect people with California’s most interesting regional art from the mid 1870’s to today——and they do a fine job in achieving it. Hosting new exhibitions every month or so, each featuring artists who have lived in California at some point, the museum is a reliable haven for admirers of contemporary art to seek out local talent.

Monterey Museum of Art. 559 Pacific St. Monterey, CA