The Most Adventurous Things To Try In Monterey

The Most Adventurous Things To Try In Monterey

An elegant and breathtaking destination, Monterey has everything you need to relax, and a whole lot to get your blood pumping—if you’re into that sort of thing. From flying through the air, to cruising across the water, these are five of the most adventurous things you can try in Monterey:

Whale Watching

Monterey has some of the best whale watching opportunities in the world, and the adventure gives you some time cruising at high speeds across Monterey Bay along with up-close views of marine wildlife. You can see a number of amazing whales like the gray whale, blue whale, and even a humpback whale. For more information, check out Princess Monterey Whale Watching.

Scuba Diving

In addition to having several outlets where you can take lessons and classes, Monterey is also stocked with tour groups offering scuba excursions throughout the year. You need to take some time here to explore Monterey’s iconic kelp forests, as well as all the other underwater wonders of Monterey Bay. For a good starting point, check out Bamboo Reef Scuba Diving Center, here in Monterey.


From the rolling hills and mountains of wine country, to the stellar Central Coast shore with the majesty of Monterey Bay to cap it all off—this is one of the most beautiful places to skydive upon in the country. Luckily, there are plenty of outlets that offer affordable skydiving prices with tandem options for first-timers and newcomers alike. For some great deals and views, check out Skydive Monterey Bay.


For most of the same reasons why this is an excellent place to skydive, Monterey’s an equally compelling location for paragliding. Some of the expert-guided excursions even fly over some of Monterey’s most gorgeous sand dunes, just like the ones here at The Sanctuary Beach Resort. For more information on how to go paragliding in Monterey, check out Monterey Sky Sports.


For those who enjoy the open water, and some class to go along with their adventure, there are a number of guided sailing trips, and sailboat rental opportunities throughout Monterey. For some more ideas on how to get out on the open water, check out our breakdown of five boat trips to take out of Monterey.