How to Build the Perfect “Outdoors Day” at Sanctuary

How to Build the Perfect “Outdoors Day” at Sanctuary

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Located fifteen minutes north of Monterey, The Sanctuary Beach Resort beckons travelers with its serene and protected location. One of few beachfront properties on Monterey Bay, its natural attractions are rustic yet exclusive. Here’s how to build the perfect “outdoors day” at The Sanctuary Beach Resort.

Take Breakfast on the Patio

Guests who book our Breakfast Basket Special can wake up with a bespoke basket of early morning delights outside their room. Peruse the menu for bloody mary kits, coffee, and quiches among other breakfast favorites. Each of our guestrooms features a private balcony or patio, so you can enjoy your meal with fresh air and views of the bay.

Hike the Marina Dunes

Our hotel and beach resort in Monterey shares a home with the protected Marina Dunes, and Marina State Beach Park. Guests can walk or take a short drive to a number of fabulous hikes with views from some of the tallest dunes on the Central Coast. Trails range from short to rigorous, and often feature views of rare birds and dolphins.

Beach Your Way

Located on Monterey Bay, The Sanctuary Beach Resort welcomes travelers to 19 acres of uninterrupted coastline. Guests can get their adrenaline fix by traveling to the nearby Marina State Beach for surfing, kiteboarding and even hang gliding opportunities.

Take a Field Trip

It’s easy to while away a trip at The Sanctuary Beach Resort, but to get the most out of the region’s outdoor-beauty, you’ve got to take at least one field trip. Head an hour south to the mammoth cliffs of Big Sur, go check out volcanic crags at Pinnacle National Park, or visit one of 200 wineries around Monterey.

Bonfire on the Sand

There are few things more relaxing than a beach bonfire under the stars. Whether you’re closing out a day of pampering with a loved one, sightseeing with the family, or teambuilding with your company, having our staff set you up with a nice warm place to sit on the sand is always the right move.

* Inquire with our front desk to set up any of these activities or excursions.