Five Things We Love About Carmel Ridge Winery

Five Things We Love About Carmel Ridge Winery

Vineyard at sunset in autumn harvest.

Carmel Ridge Winery is one of the region’s most celebrated distributors of vino, and an establishment we often recommend to travelers. What makes it special? These are five reasons we love the Carmel Ridge Winery.

The Local Wine

Monterey County’s unique blend of high cliffs, ocean air, and moderate microclimate help make it one of the world’s leading wine destinations, with nearly 200 wineries. Carmel harvests grapes in the hills of Carmel Valley at two different vineyards with varying elements to produce different varietals.


Sourced from grapes grown at the highly elevated Hidden Hills, Carmel Ridge Winery’s Chardonnay is some of the best in California. French-oak aging creates a complex flavor with elements of butterscotch, green apple and fig.

Pinot Noir

Carmel Ridge’s Pinot Noir is one of the most celebrated blends of the region, and of the winery. It has soft tannins, a range of fruit flavors like strawberry and plum, and sandalwood aromas.

The Wine Club

Free membership to the Wine Club at Carmel Ridge Winery gets you access to complimentary wine tastings, new varietals shipped to homes around the world, and discounts on quarterly bottles. You can also get friends discounts and tastings with your membership.

The Tasting Room

Taste all of the delicious creations of Carmel Ridge Winery at its Cannery Row tasting room. Located at the waterfront hub of dining and retail in Monterey, it’ll be a convenient stop off during a day spent exploring the city.