Monterey’s Best Performing Arts Venues

Monterey’s Best Performing Arts Venues

For those of you who like to see what the local music and performing arts scenes are like in a city you visit, there’s plenty to discover in Monterey. From classic theatres to outdoor classics, here are some of Monterey’s best performing arts venues.

Golden State Theatre

The Golden State Theatre is arguably the best and most well-programmed music venue in Monterey. A classic auditorium with two tiers, red curtains, and some of the best rock, jazz, blues, and contemporary acts to come through town—it’s a sure-fire spot to find a great show in Monterey.

Golden State Theatre. 417 Alvarado St.

Monterey County Fairgrounds

In addition to being home of the annual Monterey County Fairgrounds, this venue also tends to play host to big-name concerts and music festivals when they come through town—including the famed Monterey Pop Festival with its anniversary return last year. Be sure to see what’s happening there when you come to town next.

Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey, CA


One of the more upscale music venues in Monterey, Cibo is both an elegant Italian restaurant and a live jazz cocktail lounge. Stop by for a rich meal that you can enjoy with a loved one, and then follow that up with some martinis and toe-tapping jazz tunes.

Cibo. 301 Alvarado St.

Sly McFly’s

This American bar and grill in Monterey’s famous Cannery Row neighborhood is also one of the city’s most beloved music venues. A modest room compared to rock-star stadiums, it’s always popping with lively jazz and blues played by local musicians, as well as traveling bands. It’s a great place to jam with the whole family.

Sly McFly’s. 700 Cannery Row.

East Village Coffee Lounge

A simple coffee house and local hangout, the East Village Coffee Lounge is among the more low-key performing arts venues in Monterey. The shows mainly consist of poetry slams and jam sessions from local bands. It’s a nice place to grab a coffee or a beer while discovering some up-and-coming creatives.

East Village Coffee Lounge. 498 Washington St.