Why Monterey is the Perfect Destination for These Zodiac Signs

Why Monterey is the Perfect Destination for These Zodiac Signs

We’re approaching the end of January, and there’s no better way to march full steam into 2020 than by booking a trip on National Plan for Vacation Day. Join a world of fellow travelers committing to getting away this year, and start planning your special Monterey vacation today. The annual booking celebration takes place on the last Tuesday of every January, and it will fall on the 28th this year. 

Here at The Sanctuary Beach Resort, we aren’t only looking out to the calendar on our computer, we are also looking at the Zodiac calendar, and how our lovely destination attracts such a wide range of wonderful personality types.  

Monterey’s An Especially Choice Fit For These Signs: 

Aries For Outdoors & Sunshine

Aries are adventurous souls who thrive in nature and sunshine. Monterey is well-stocked with both of these natural attractions. Aries travelers will stay engaged with the numerous nearby hiking trails, watersports and sailing excursions on Monterey Bay, as well as with the beautiful roster of golf courses and wineries throughout the region. Additionally, staying with The Sanctuary Beach Resort, nature-loving guests are always steps away from the sand and water. 

Cancer For Culture & Beauty

Cancers are creatures of comfort who enjoy a slower pace of life filled with rich, delicious details. Monterey is an easy, peaceful place where travelers of the Cancer sign can take it easy with long walks on the beach, massages at our onsite spa, and sumptuous meals at either our onsite restaurant Salt Wood Kitchen & Oysterette, or among the many acclaimed restaurants and wineries throughout Monterey. 

Capricorn For Rest & Relaxation 

Capricorns are known for being some of the most focused and hard-working people out there, which means they should really take the time to book some R&R this National Plan for Vacation Day. Travelers born in the Capricorn time frame would do well taking their trip to Monterey, where natural beauty, an artful local culture, and a slower pace of day-to-day life all coalesce to create a truly refreshing atmosphere. 

Staying With The Sanctuary Beach Resort 

The Sanctuary Beach Resort is one of the most well-situated Monterey resorts to check out this National Plan for Vacation Day. Book here to explore our beachside guest cottages and various onsite luxury amenities. 

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